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      Florence delivers precise, psychology-based, intelligent health messaging.

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      Our integrated care pathways deliver lasting change, meaningful outcomes, and cost savings to our partners.

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Shaping the future of behavioral change by design

Florence interacts by familiar and friendly SMS text messages to the patient’s mobile phone

Florence reduces
clinical time


Clinical hours released per patient in enteral feeding and blood pressure

Florence reduces
hospital visits


Reduction in hospital admissions
for patients with Diabetes

Florence changes


Improvement in symptoms for patients with depression

Florence saves


per patient with COPD by reducing hospital admissions

Why Florence?

Florence humanizes clinically proven protocols, delivering precise, psychology-based, intelligent health messaging that engages patients continuously, motivating better behaviors and improved outcomes. Florence frees up time and resources for clinicians and provide more fulfilling patient encounters.

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Intelligent Health Messaging

A personal digital coach that extends the reach of clinicians, removes routine work, and works 24/7 for you and your patients.

Over 10 years and through 20+ million patient interactions the team has refined Florence’s intelligent, human-like persona to create positive health-improving relationships with individual patients.

Florence is accessible and incredibly simple for patients to use – all you need is a mobile phone (no app to download!).

Florence is managed by admin and clinicians via a powerful, intelligent and secure software platform, clinically validated protocols, and extensive analytics.

Everything we do is focused on engaging patients and supporting behavioral change and self-care. This drives better clinical outcomes, better patient experience, and reduces clinical time.

Change patient behavior and increase clinical efficiency

Increase access and reach

Easy to roll-out & use

Low-cost alternative to remote monitoring

No app or internet needed​

More at-home patient data for greater insights/decision-making

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How does it work?

Hypertension example

Florence asks the patient to send in their blood pressure results on a daily basis, or as often as it is set up by the clinician. If the patient shows signs of deterioration, Florence will let the clinicians know where they need to intervene; there are a range of alerting mechanisms and dashboards which can highlight this. 

However, the objective is that the patient begins to manage their condition well enough to no longer cause alerts or even require the nudges from Florence.

This approach has been developed and refined through over 100 independent clinical studies and is proven to change patient behavior and increase adherence.

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Agreed the protocol was easy to understand
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Patients have more confidence in managing their health using Flo

How does Florence actually change patient behavior?

Over 10 years and through 20+ million patient interactions, Florence’s human-like persona has been refined to create a positive relationship with the individual patient. Of course, patients know that Florence is not a human, but she drives adherence by:

  • Providing friendly and educational advice
  • Nudging and celebrating success which motivates the patient
  • Capturing data visible to the clinician

Also, she never forgets, and she is never on holiday. The key to behaviour changes and extending the clinician’s reach is the ease at which Florence can be configured and personalised.

Behaviours are the things that we all do every day, many of which can affect our health. It might be helpful to think about behaviours that affect our health in two separate categories, “unhealthy” and “healthy”. Behaviours which would be considered “unhealthy” are those which are known to have a negative impact on our health.

These might include smoking, eating foods high in salt, or sitting for long periods of time. By contrast, “healthy” behaviours are those that promote good health. Examples include exercising, eating fruit and vegetables, or taking medication.


Intelligent Dashboards

Florence’s Intelligent dashboards show key metrics at a glance, allowing teams to view and download statistics on usage and notifications from Florence’s Team Dashboard.

In addition, our Realtime Patient view shows Risk Stratified case load where patients are highlighted according to the notification level generated from interactions, allowing clinicians to triage the patients who need the most urgent attention.

Every interaction a patient has with Florence is recorded on their patient record. Average readings are calculated automatically, and trends can be highlighted accordingly. Reports can then be downloaded into an Electronic Patient Record.

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Independently clinically proven and trusted

Florence is the only evidenced-based technology enabled care service that supports routine healthcare delivery. You can rely on Florence to deliver safe and effective outcomes as evidenced in 20 peer-reviewed journal articles and over 100 independent clinical studies.

By working with academic institutions and clinical researchers, we have robust clinical evidence not only from the UK but also from successful trails and implementations in the United States (for the Veterans Administration) and in Australia.

From the very beginning of Florence, patient safety and clinical efficacy has been our top priority.

HSJ Awards 2020


Driving Efficiency Through Technology
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