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Behavioral Change


Defining Behaviors

Behaviors are the things that we all do every day, many of which can affect our health. It might be helpful to think about behaviors that affect our health in two separate categories, “unhealthy” and “healthy”. Behaviors which would be considered “unhealthy” are those which are known to have a negative impact on our health. These might include smoking, eating foods high in salt, or sitting for long periods of time. By contrast, “healthy” behaviors are those that promote good health. Examples include exercising, eating fruit and vegetables, or taking medication.

Behavioral Change with
Florence Intelligent Health Messaging


Behavioral Change in Practice

To ensure that Florence is optimized for supporting behavior change, we are also building the evidence for how our intelligent messaging solution works. As part of our Florence community, we will also be delivering training to help our customers understand how behavioral change can be applied in their day-to-day practice.

Join us in shaping the future of behavioral change by design

To hear more about how Florence can support behaviour change, contact us to start building your own behavior change intervention using Florence.

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