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About Us


Providing intelligently enabled care that supports the whole healthcare ecosystem

Clinical evidence is in our DNA. Florence is designed by clinicians for patients and clinicians. The idea was conceived by Phil O’Connell around 2009 who teamed up with Dr Ruth Chambers OBE of NHS Stoke-on-Trent Primary Care Trust (part of the UK’s National Health Services). Over the next 10 years the Florence-team were focussed on gathering clinical evidence and cooperating and co-designing protocols with over 500 clinicians.

Given our ‘hard core’ research background, we now have over 100 independent clinical studies and 20 peer-reviewed journal articles demonstrating exceptional clinical outcomes for patients and exceptional ROI for healthcare teams.

From a base in the UK, Florence has expanded successfully to Australia and in early 2022 we set up an office in Portland, Maine in the US.

Our Mission

To be the world’s leader in proven, intelligently personalised digital solutions, designed to drive behavioural change and deliver better outcomes.

Why Florence?

We enable self-management and adherence through user-friendly, intelligent messaging that improves health outcomes – freeing up time and resources for clinicians and the healthcare ecosystem.

Awards and Certifications

Florence Intelligent Health Messaging is recognised as the leading light within Digital Healthcare Innovation.

Our Values

  • We are focused on better health outcomes and reduced clinical time, not ‘fancy’ technology
  • We believe that people who actively participate in their care get better outcomes
  • We are data-led and people centred and we believe in a cycle of constant iterative improvements in all aspects
  • We go to great lengths to understand what is important to patients and clinicians on the ground
  • We believe in long term relationships with customers
  • We value and support collaboration above all – internal amongst our teams and externally with patients, clinicians, academics, and other stakeholders – and we value everyone’s input and celebrate their success
  • We coach and support each other and believe feedback is important for constant learning
  • We act with integrity and value diversity, equality and (digital) inclusion
  • We operate with sustainability in mind
  • We aim to make decisions that are good for the long-run

History of Florence

Customer success in the US managing chronic conditions and saving healthcare team time

  • 2022

Platinum Winner

  • 2022

Platinum Winner for Best Independently Living Solution at the Digital Health Innovation Awards 2022, hosted by Juniper Research.


Established US office in Portland, Maine

  • 2022

Florence 3.0, our next generation platform launched in UK to customer acclaim

  • 2022

Success in Australia

  • 2021

Acquisition by Generated Health

  • 2021

Winner of the HSJ Awards

  • 2020

Delivering Efficiency Through Technology Award along with our partners at UHNM Project ‘Smart with you Heart’



Research & Development

  • 2010-2020

500 clinicians contributed to algorithm development, 200,000 patients, 100+ independent evaluations & 20 peer reviewed articles


Founded by NHS Stoke-on-Trent Primary Care Trust

  • 2009


Ingolv Urnes

Ingolv Urnes

CEO & Chairman

Ingolv believes passionately that driving patient behavioural change and enabling self-management are the key to better healthcare – particularly for those patients suffering from multiple long-term conditions.  The cost of healthcare is accelerating.  To deliver better clinical outcomes and save clinical resources, the most cost-effective approach is to address the root cause.

Coaching and developing the people at Generated Health (=behaviour change!)  are Ingolv’s other passions.  He is a strong believer in building on strengths and providing continuous feedback.

Ingolv grew up in Norway and studied in Switzerland.  After university he spent a decade with Goldman Sachs in London, Frankfurt, and New York.

Then, almost 20 years ago, Ingolv founded his first health-tech company.  Over the years he has been involved in several successful healthcare start-ups and scale-ups, including Active Health Partners (health & absence management), Mobizio (mobile solution for doctors in the field) and ART (referral management). 

Ingolv is now focussed on working with the teams in the US, UK and Australia to deliver on the mission: To be the world’s leader in proven, intelligently personalised digital solutions, designed to drive behavioural change and deliver better outcomes.

Outside work, Ingolv spends his time keeping fit, gardening with his wife, and playing with two dogs (since the three kids have largely left home)

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Sue Woods

Sue Woods

Strategic Advisor

Sue is board certified in general internal medicine and informatics, is a researcher and entrepreneur who founded Generated Health, LLC, in the US in 2021. She is passionate about digital health services extending care into patients’ lives while lowering workforce demands, Sue brings extensive expertise in virtual care development, implementation, and evaluation, and has published extensively in patient informatics usage and value.

As the first director of patient experience at VA’s Connected Care Office, she helped develop and deploy the patient portal and mobile apps, led Open Notes and architected VA’s patient generated data solution.

Formerly President of the Society of Participatory Medicine, Sue is Associate Professor at Tufts School of Medicine Public Health and Informatics, and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Participatory Medicine.

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Sam Madley

Sam Madley

Chief Technology Officer

Sam is one of those great CTO’s who understand the tech inside out, but who is focussed on ‘what’s the challenge we are trying to solve’ before jumping into the tech solution.
He has a wealth of experience in the digital media industry, having worked extensively with Universal Pictures and Sony Music as a technology leader and innovator. As Director of Business Intelligence and Big Data, he honed his skills in data management and analytics.

More recently, Sam has pursued his passion for health-tech and joined our team as CTO. With his extensive expertise in technology and data, he is spearheading the development of an innovative platform to manage patients, drive behaviour change, and automate care. We are thrilled to have Sam on board, and we are confident he will help us build the world’s best health-tech platform.

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Jonathan Serjeant

Jonathan Serjeant

Chief Medical Officer

Jonathan’ passion is creating solutions that make a difference in people’s health, and working with intelligent technology means we can support millions of people around the world to make better decisions with their clinicians. Jonathan has twenty-plus years of senior leadership experience as a CMO / CEO in the NHS and independent sector, is a qualified executive coach, and a fellow in Health Inequalities and Leadership at London South Bank University. He also thoroughly enjoys being at one with the natural world whether that be Kitesurfing in waves or trekking in the mountains.

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Prof. Kalyan Talluri

Prof. Kalyan Talluri

Advisor Data Sciences

Kalyan is a Professor at Imperial College, London, and an expert the development of machine learning-based optimisation systems and the use of data.
Kalyan is an active advisor to the management team, both supporting the development of our ambitious machine-learning strategy and the practical implementation of data initiatives.

He obtained his PhD in Operations Research from MIT, a Masters in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University and a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Osmania University, Hyderabad. He had previously taught at Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Chicago, and has held visiting positions at the Indian School of Business, New York University, INSEAD and Dartmouth College.

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Eric Bender

Eric Bender

VP of Sales – US

Eric’s has spent his entire career in healthcare, seeking innovative answers to complex problems. Beginning with AstraZeneca in 2003, Eric has worked for companies of all sizes. In the early days he worked in the pharmaceutical and medical device space. Seeing the power of digital healthcare and the possibility of delivering better patient outcomes and experiences, he moved into health-tech helping scale-ups grow in the US market.

Eric enjoys music, travel, and fitness, but his greatest love is his wife and 3 amazing children. He’s frequently found with a whistle around his neck, coaching one of his kid’s sports teams. He also has a heart for international missions and has been to Senegal, West Africa 8 times with a medical team focused on impacting the lives, both physically and spiritually of the Senegalese people

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Macklin Gaynor

Macklin Gaynor

Director of Customer Success – US

I’m a Clinical Informaticist with a Master’s in US Public Health and I’ve held a wide array of clinical roles in behavioral health, pharmacy, and quality analytics. Each of these roles required new and creative ways to collect obscure information and translate it into something that made sense to people.

I see Informatics as much more than data and crunching numbers. To me, it’s assessing complex systems, like day-to-day healthcare delivery, and breaking that down into information that actually means something to all the people involved. Data analysis alone often discards the human element that is vital to understanding how systems really work.

This is why I’m so excited to be part of the team at Generated Health; we leverage simple SMS tech to deliver education and support for meaningful change to a massive audience; all it takes is the ability to text. The rest is our small team partnering with the people who deliver care to our communities. If we can make it a bit easier for them to stay connected to the patients they care for, then we’ve made a meaningful contribution to a very worthwhile cause.

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Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller

Director of Business Development – US

Jennifer first became interested in digital health after volunteering with AmeriCorps for a small primary care clinic in San Francisco. She saw how many patients were struggling to manage their health and chronic conditions between doctor’s visits. It was then that she became convinced that care must extend into the home in a way that is culturally and digitally inclusive.

Jennifer first met Susan Woods, Generated Health Founder and President, finishing up a Masters in Health Informatics and Data Analytics. It was immediately clear that Florence was the simple, effective, patient-centered solution she had been dreaming of for so many years.

Before joining the Generated Health team, Jennifer spent the better part of the last decade working in wellness in New York City. When she’s not at work she enjoys weightlifting, teaching yoga, and roller skating around NYC’s beautiful parks.

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John Griffiths

John Griffiths

Business Development Director – UK

After over 10 years in healthcare, John really has a deep understanding of the needs of patients and clinicians; he is as comfortable discussing day-to-day challenges as he is discussing long-term population health management.

“The remarkable thing with Florence is just how simple and easy it is for patients and how powerful it is for clinicians”.

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US Customers

We go to great lengths to build valuable long-term relationships with our customers.
Florence is straightforward to implement into the healthcare ecosystem, comes complete with training and integrated support desk functions making it a light touch for IT departments.


Security and compliance is our DNA

Florence has been developed to ensure security of patient data and full compliance with all relevant regulation.

  • We have a comprehensive IG-Security pack that we share with customers to ensure smooth implementation.
  • We follow and adhere to NHS DTAC (including NHS DSPT, CE, DCB0129 and Medical Device Class 1 reg)
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • Compliance with Data Protection regulation

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