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97% say “I found Florence easy to use”


Our patient Net Promoter Score (NPS) is currently running at 73%.   Bain & Co, the inventors of NPS says that “an NPS score above 0 is good, above 20 is great and above 50 is amazing”.

Florence is simply loved by patients because it is so simple.  In a recent survey of 7,525 patients, 97% stated “I found Florence easy to use”.

So simple to use and Flo is always there” is the most common patient feedback.  Browse our website to see literally hundreds of patients, clinicians, and administrators providing feedback in videos, case studies and independent clinical studies.

Why is Florence Patient Satisfaction so high?  It is ‘simple’

Over 200,000 patients have been supported and managed by Florence powered by Generated Health.  Florence communicates ‘simple’ SMS-text powered by intelligent, evidence-based algorithms (we call them protocols).  These clinically proven protocols, deliver precise, psychology-based, intelligent health messaging that engages patients continuously, motivating better behaviors and improved outcomes. Florence also frees up time and resources for clinicians and provide more fulfilling patient encounters.


Simple, friendly, knowledgeable, and always there

Staff shortages is a major challenge to the health system.  Too often patients go for long periods without any interaction with their healthcare provider.  Patients feel less engaged, less cared for.  ‘Simple’ is great for patients, but also great for the healthcare team who avoids turning into an IT helpdesk.

Florence works 24/7 and never misses a beat.  Part of the reason behind the incredible patient satisfaction with Florence is that she provides continued, ongoing care and engagement between visits.  This continues engagement not only delivers valuable data insights for the healthcare team, but it is critical in nudging the patients to better health behavior. 

On behavior change: Read by our Head of Behavioral Insights, Dr Gemma Donovan.

NPS: Not a silver bullet but part of analytics toolset    

Florence is an incredible tool to capture data such as clinical markers (blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, anxiety scores, etc.) and patient engagement (opt-ins, opt-outs, etc.). 

NPS is just one part of the sophisticated analytics the platform provides allowing our customers – clinicians and administrators – to better understand their patients and the effectiveness of healthcare delivery.  

Iterative real-time improvements

At Generated Health we are obsessed about improving protocols with data and monitor a large data set in near real-time to improve clinical efficacy, patient experience and the healthcare team’s experience.

Chart2 1
Source: Generated Health

Better outcomes while saving time & money for the healthcare team

  • 109 hours saved per patient in enteral feeding and blood pressure.
  • 75% reduction in hospital visits for patients with diabetes
  • 50% improvement in symptoms of depression
  • $35,000 saved per patient w COPD by reducing hospital admissions by over 60%

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