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Add Florence to your Hypertension Monitoring Program

Detect and Treat Hypertension with Florence

With improving hypertension control a national priority, and self-measured blood pressure (SMBP) identified as a critical component to achieve this aim, Florence’s automated clinical conversations are a low-cost, accessible and proven tool to prompt, nudge, and motivate patients to create healthy, long-term habits. Patients are supported between appointments, access to care is standardized and consistent, and clinicians can monitor more patients efficiently. 

Our solution is an evidenced based best practice pathway to detect, treat and accurately monitor hypertension, improve patient outcomes and support healthcare professionals. 

How do the pathways work?


The Hypertension pathway provides a solution for multiple cohorts of patients with its three protocols, which can be combined or used separately, depending on patients’ need or your workflow and data reporting requirements.

  • Diagnose hypertension vs. White Coat HTN
  • Safely titrate medication
  • Routinely monitor all HTN population
  • Patients can self-subscribe by simply texting ‘BP’ to a designated telephone number, or cohorts of patients can be added to the pathway directly
  • Patients will be requested to submit BP readings over the agreed period of time
  • Readings are automatically analyzed and patients are then given self-management or signposting information

All readings are transmitted and integrated to your eHR and are also available on the Florence web-based platform where you can easily see risk stratified case load with patients highlighted in Red, Amber or Green depending on where their readings align to the thresholds.

Hypertension protocols under the Hypertension pathways

Diagnosis &

Interactive engagement methods

Prompts patients to take and accurately record blood-pressure

Nudges patients to follow their prescribed regimen 

Reinforcing healthcare professional advice

Safe Titration of Hypertension Medication

Titration range can be set for each individual patient

Routine Hypertension Monitoring of your population

Can be set for each individual patient

Sustainable, safe and automated approach to remotely track BP against distinct ranges

Engages patients 

Targeted advice and actions from their prescribed self-care plan

Beyond Intervention

If your patients are diagnosed with Hypertension, Florence will continue to support them to increase behavioral activation around self-management. Our Hypertension pathway is clinically proven to reduce blood pressure over time (see graph below) and increase medication adherence.

BP graph over time

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