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Florence is proven to free up clinical time and reduce hospital admissions while delivering better outcomes and patient experience. By continuous, automated clinical conversations via accessible text messages, Florence drives engagement and self-management. We help clinicians help patients help themselves.

Proven BP Management Success

Florence provides low-cost, scalable hypertension management programmes. By a combination of collecting patient readings, immediate feedback and bite-sized education, Florence drives improved self-management and medication adherence.

From diagnosis to titration and long-term monitoring, Florence supports a range of hypertensive programmes freeing up clinical time while delivering better outcomes.

Over 30,000 patients have improved BP control with the support of Florence.

Required by HCP team
0 % Less Time
To medication
0 % Adherence
In systolic blood pressure
0 % Drop

Simple, Effective Diabetes Management

Florence provides low-cost, scalable diabetes programmes accessible to all patient groups. By combining the collection of BG readings, immediate feedback and bite-sized education, Florence drives sustained improved self-management and medication adherence.

With solutions for both Type I and Type II diabetes, Florence supports all patients while freeing up clinical time and delivering better outcomes.

Hospital visits
0 % Fewer
Required by clinicians
0 % Less Time
In full medication compliance
0 % Increase

Better Care for Mother & Baby

Florence has a proud record of educating, supporting and motivating new and expectant moms by enabling them to self-monitor their blood pressure and glucose levels and encouraging them to take up and continue breastfeeding.

This results in healthier moms, longer-term pregnancies, freed-up clinical time and significant cost savings.

To other women
0 % Recommend
Breastfeeding vs 6-8 week benchmark
0 % More
Per high-risk mother
0 Appointments Saved

Better TCM, Simple to Implement

By continuous engagement, collection of data and education, Florence helps clinicians manage more patients at home post hospitalisation, more cost-effectively, while reducing the risk of readmission.

Transition from hospital to home is supported for patients, with bi-directional conversations answering their needs, and reminding them about medication and follow-up appointments. Vital signs readings enable clinicians to closely monitor patients for any signs of deterioration ensuring timely and accurate interventions.

Readmissions of patients with heart failure
0 % Drop
Among wound care patients
0 % Satisfaction
ED visits by COPD patients
0 % Fewer

Better COPD Care with Significant Savings

By continuous engagement of COPD patients, including collection of SATS readings, provision of advice and a strong focus on coaching and self-management, Florence is proven to dramatically reduce hospital admissions and improve patients’ quality of life.

From titration, medication adherence and long-term monitoring, Florence supports a range of COPD programmes, reassuring patients when to take rescue medication, encouraging lifestyle modifications, and freeing up clinical time while delivering significantly better outcomes.

Hospital visits by patients
0 % Fewer
Ambulance service calls
0 % Less
Per patient by reduced ED
£ 0 Saving

200,000+ patient successes across key conditions

Florence has demonstrated efficacy in the US, UK and Australia across a range of chronic conditions and maternity.

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Automated clinical conversations

Over 10 years and through 20+ million patient interactions the team has refined Flo’s intelligent, human-like persona to create positive health-improving relationships with individual patients.

Florence is accessible and incredibly simple for patients to use – all you need is a mobile phone (no app to download!).

Florence is managed by admin and clinicians via a powerful, intelligent and secure software platform, clinically validated protocols, and extensive analytics.

Everything we do is focused on engaging patients and supporting behavioural change and self-care. This drives better clinical outcomes, better patient experience, and reduces clinical time.

Easy to roll-out

100+ successful implementations

Extensive clinical evidence

Over 110+ independent studies

Over 125+ clinical protocols

Simply tailored to local pathways

Remote patient monitoring

Deliver effective, low-cost remote monitoring with automated clinical conversations.

The Florence platform includes:

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Trends & escalations
  • Team can text patient directly
  • Outcome analytics
  • EHR integration

Independently clinically proven and trusted

Florence is the only evidenced-based technology enabled care service that supports routine healthcare delivery. You can rely on Florence to deliver safe and effective outcomes as evidenced in 20 peer-reviewed journal articles and over 100 independent clinical studies.

By working with academic institutions and clinical researchers, we have robust clinical evidence not only from the UK but also from successful trails and implementations in the United States (for the Veterans Administration) and in Australia.

From the very beginning of Florence, patient safety and clinical efficacy has been our top priority.

HSJ Awards 2020


Driving Efficiency Through Technology
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