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      Our integrated care pathways deliver lasting change, meaningful outcomes, and cost savings to our partners.

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      Proven to deliver better clinical outcomes and free up time and resources for your healthcare team

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      Florence delivers precise, psychology-based, intelligent health messaging.

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Meet Flo

Extend Clinical Capacity

Reach and engage all patients with simple, familiar SMS-text. Free up clinical time and reduce hospital admissions while delivering better outcomes and patient experience.

Continuous, automated clinical conversations via accessible text messages, drives engagement and self-management.

Florence is not an internet chat-bot, she is powered by evidence-based clinical protocols and generative AI with over 200,000 patient successes.

Flo in under 30 seconds

The power of automation.
'Autopilot' frees up clinical time.

The power of flexibility.
Use for the full spectrum of care.

You are in control

Florence is designed to increase your clinical capacity and enable you to manage large patient population remotely while you and the team have a finger on the pulse.

You have access to real-time, intelligent dashboards providing quick and easy overview of patients that have met certain triggers (based on your configuration). You can also collaborate with Florence and directly join the clinical conversation with the patient which can save valuable time and further improve engagement.

Florence can be integrated with your EHR system to further ease enrolment of patients and deliver patient reported data back in to your EHR.

Automated clinical conversations developed by over 500 clinicians

Simple to implement, simple to operate

Florence helps clinicians help patients help themselves

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