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AHSN Oxford report

Oxford AHSN – Scoping digital support for children and young people’s mental health


Identifying potential digital solutions

Working collaboratively within healthcare, promotes efficiencies and improvements for both the patient and the clinician. This still remains a key focus within the NHS and support networks such as the Oxford AHSN have done just that during their recent scoping exercise on identifying possible digital support options for children and young people to improve mental health.

There are a vast number of digital solutions available to the NHS that are committed to improving the mental health of children and young people. The Oxford AHSN report brings together a detailed evaluation that makes it easier for the NHS to choose the right support that fits their patient’s needs.

Florence Intelligent Health Messaging has been identified as one of 24 digital tools and solutions that can support the entire patient journey, as well as helping clinicians manage demand and capacity.
If you would like to understand more about how Florence can support you and your patients, please contact our Florence Team by clicking here.

Thank you to the Oxford AHSN.

You can also read the Oxford AHSN news article by clicking here

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