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Supporting Waiting Lists


At Florence we are working with the NHS to support the 6 million+ people who are waiting for care at their hospital


of patients who exceed surgery pre-assessment BP limits found to be totally normotensive

We understand how our technology can work in partnership with hospital teams so that patients:

Feel cared for, are communicated with, and educate themselves about their care

Prepare themselves for interventions to achieve best outcomes from surgery e.g. achieve good BP control, increase exercise and weight management, and manage their respiratory illness

Provide remote monitoring to support clinical optimisation, and to identify escalating clinical risk

Identify patients who either choose to or no longer require operative intervention

Florence is grounded in clinical evidence and activates positive behavioural health. Our simple, inclusive communication platform is proven to improve health outcomes, medicine compliance, patient education, and makes people feel less alone.

The need for the right digital tools in healthcare

Giving patients the right tools to self-manage their health will go a long way to minimising waits on surgery lists and enable the health care system to meet their broader standard 18 weeks for elective care.

The NHS Ecosystem needs to adopt clinically proven tools which help manage defined patient pathways, throughout the continuum of care, that do not lead to digital exclusion of sections of society and improve workflow efficiencies.

These tools need to improve the quality and efficiency of the healthcare services provided, as well as increase clinical capacity. They need to be quick and easy to implement at pace, integrate seamlessly with existing technology and patient data, and enable better-informed clinical decisions. Using existing proven and adaptable protocols, digital tools need to deliver efficiencies across the ICS and meet unmet need- supporting patient motivation in disease ownership and therapy adherence.

Localised investment in the right digital tools and programs will help to prevent growing demand and pressure on the health and social care infrastructure.

Intelligent use of technology and modern healthcare provisions will enable change…

Introducing Florence
Intelligent Health Messaging

…the NHS needs an intelligent health messaging solution – proven to help improve patient adherence, through motivation and self-management of behavioural health. Florence doesn’t just support patients, but the everyday work load of the NHS too.

Long term condition management prior to surgery

Florence can support NHS initiatives that are focusing on tackling the backlog of elective care, at any point during the patients waiting list journey. Facilitating the return of readings and symptoms reporting, delivering educational messages, appointment reminders, medication adherence, pain management and lifestyle preparations between clinical contacts.

There are five key benefits to using Florence to support waiting list management:

Remote monitoring: Provides the clinicians with the capacity to risk manage

Lifestyle preparation: Integral part of preparing well whilst waiting i.e., weight management, Blood Pressure management, alcohol reduction and exercise

Patient education: Helps the patient to have a better understanding of their procedure and manage expectations, along with post-surgery advice

Be better connected: Allows Acute Trusts to be more connected to their waiting lists

Cost Savings: reducing hospital admissions can save your cost per patient

Clinically Proven

Our technology has been tested by more than 20 peer-reviewed journals and over 100 independent clinical studies.

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