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Global Brand – Florence Intelligent Health Messaging – consolidating UK, USA, and Australia under one global brand

Global Brand – London, Portland (Maine), Melbourne, 21st July 2022.  ART Healthcare Software Ltd, trading as psHEALTH, announced today that it will rename to Generated Health Limited (Generated Health) and that it will adopt Florence as the global brand for its evidence-based Intelligent Health Messaging platform. 

Generated Health Logo
Global brand

The Florence platform is currently delivering better health outcomes and saving clinical time across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern-Ireland and also operating successfully in Australia and the United States.  

“The key to our success is behaviour change,”

Gemma Donovan, Head of Digital Therapeutics Development

“Florence’s ability to support patients and professionals to make better decisions is unique and based on a decade of research and development”.

“Evidence from 20 peer-reviewed journal articles and over 100 independent studies, proves Florence activates and changes patient behaviour, driving better health outcomes and significantly reducing clinical time and resources,” says Julie Bjune, CEO of Generated Health Limited.

“We are addressing a global problem and the consolidation of our brands signals our global ambition,”

“In the US, we are delighted to work more closely with our colleagues around the world to deploy best practices for a wide range of conditions including hypertension, heart failure, diabetes, respiratory disorders, and others,” says Dr Sue Woods, the CEO of Generated Health LLC.

Generated Health will continue to provide ART, the Intelligent Referral Management platform, to customers in the UK.

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