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Diabetes: Previously disengaged patient successfully reduces HbA1c from 13.5% to 6.9% with Flo – great results

The patient was a 68 year old man with type 2 diabetes.  He was disengaged with his health; he didn’t really want to attend appointments, or discuss his condition in general. 

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The patient was also not taking his medicine, so initially he was set up on Florence to receive medication reminders to try and improve his adherence.  

However, after a short time he began to use Florence to help him monitor his blood glucose (bp) levels.  Due to complications, the patient also developed a foot ulcer which required treatment.

Since beginning to use Florence, the patient’s HbA1c has dropped from between 13.5% – 12.9% to 6.9%. 

Additionally, during the 2 years that the patient has been using Florence, they have only had 2 face-to-face appointments, with potential cost and time savings. 

The patient has expressed his gratitude for the help received from his DSN and Florence towards improving his health. The longer term savings with improved control are also significant.

This man still continues to use Flo.

Main benefits: 

  • Improved BP control, resulting in a HbA1c reduction by around 50%
  • Improved long term prospects due to improvement in control of BP, and possible future savings associated with this
  • Reduction in contact time resulting in increased capacity for clinician

To read more success stories on Diabetes and from patients using Florence to help self-manage their conditions, visit our community website by clicking the link below –  

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