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Virtual Wards


Effortlessly Manage Patients within your Virtual Wards using Florence Intelligent Health Messaging

Florence Intelligent Health Messaging is supporting the NHS to relieve the pressures within healthcare, through a spectrum of Virtual Ward solutions that allow clinicians to more easily manage their patients at home. By automating patient signposting and promoting self-management for the majority, clinicians can focus on the minority of patients who really need them.

“This allows clinical teams to do more, with less. Increase the number of beds in your virtual ward, without adding extra workload into the team.”

Without effective, cost saving digital solutions that drive behavioural change and enable patients to take more control of long-term chronic comorbidities, the burden on the NHS will continue to increase.

Caring for patients at home

During the pandemic, having access to virtual wards was vital, as it enabled hospitals to discharge patients who still had coronavirus but with an improving condition, which allowed the release of beds for more critically ill patients.
Now, the Virtual Ward model has taken a huge next step not only within hospitals but it is having significant success throughout the continuum of care.

“Florence is already supporting 6 million+ people who are waiting for care at their local hospitals”

Rapid Setup

5 Days

Respiratory virtual ward up and running
in just five days

Reduced In-Patient Days


Virtual ward saved a trust in total 627 hospital inpatient days, resulting in cost savings of at least £250,000

What defines Virtual Ward and Virtual Care?

With so many virtual care and virtual ward initiatives out there (Remote Monitoring, Video Consultations, Appointment Reminders, Personalised Outpatient Programmes to name but a few), this can become a confusing space.
However, as we move towards a more aligned and integrated healthcare system, supporting people at home through technology enabled tools, such as Florence Intelligent Health Messaging, allows the patient to take more control of their healthcare, which frees up time and resources for clinicians, providing more fulfilling patient encounters; will become the one clear goal for all.

Virtual Wards: Remote Monitoring to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions

For some NHS services, people who attend A&E can be admitted directly to virtual wards, where they are assessed by a specialist team and shown how to use remote monitoring tools such as Blood Pressure or pulse oximeters. This gives the power back to the patient to understand their own health needs and maintain their wellbeing at home.

Virtual Care: Intelligent enabled care that supports NHS Initiatives

Florence is used by the full NHS Ecosystem and humanises clinically validated protocols and delivers precise, psychology-based, two-way health messaging that engages patients continuously to change their behaviours and create better, sustained outcomes.

Not only is Florence one of the most-cost effective Virtual Ward suppliers, we are also the most effective in terms of patient engagement through virtual care.

Supporting NHS Initiatives (see figure below) that starts with patient self-management, is what Florence does best; facilitating the return of readings and symptoms reporting, delivering educational messages, appointment reminders, medication adherence, pain management and lifestyle preparations between clinical contacts.

Florence Care@Home and Hospital@Home initiatives free up time and resources for clinicians, activates positive behavioural health and is proven to improve health outcomes, medicine compliance, patient education and makes people feel less alone.

How Florence Intelligent Health Messaging is making a difference?

Shaping the future of behavioural change by design Florence is leading the way in behavioural change – motivating better population health at lower cost across the healthcare ecosystem.

Florence’s solution for COVID-19 Oximetry@Home is proven to have improved patient outcomes by reducing anxiety in high-risk patients in the community, freeing up clinical time, and identifying early signs of deterioration, thereby facilitating safe
and timely hospital admission when needed.

In supporting respiratory virtual wards, Florence is proven to have enabled the earlier and safe discharge of patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19, releasing valuable acute bed capacity and easing the pressure on emergency services, with significant cost savings achieved.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Provides clinicians with the ability to see patients in order of priority via our risk stratified dashboards.

Pre-Op Preparation

Florence uses sophisticated patient behavioural change techniques when communicating with patients.

Patient Education

By ensuring the patient has a better understanding of their procedure and managing their expectations, Florence can reduce DNAs and cancellations on your elective lists.

Shaping the future of behavioural change by design
Florence is leading the way in behavioural change – motivating better population health at lower cost across the healthcare ecosystem.

Our technology has been tested by more than 20 peer-reviewed journals and over 100 independent clinical studies.
As a go-to digital provider in healthcare behavioural change, Florence gives patients better control, enabling them to live healthier and more independent lives. Introduce Florence Intelligent Health Messaging into your virtual strategies

Florence's solutions to NHS guidelines for Oximetry@Home and Respiratory Virtual Wards

NHS Guidance The Florence Solution
WHAT Personalised technology-enabled remote monitoring and supported self management/escalation. Personalised intelligent health messaging solution which supports remote monitoring and patient self management, triage and escalation.
WHERE In the patient’s own home or usual place of residence, supervised by a dedicated clinical team with rapid access to specialist advice and guidance Communication is done via SMS text message with the patient, wherever they may be. MDT Clinical teams receive email or SMS notifications, and have access to a live web-based dashboard for more information.
WHO Adults (aged 16 or over) with confirmed or suspected ARIs who are stable or improving but require ongoing monitoring that can be safely provided in their home or usual place of residence. Florence is suitable for patients of all ages, and can be tailored to support patients with language barriers or multi-morbidities.
WHEN Admission alternative, early discharge or integrated model as agreed locally. We co-develop our Pathway alongside your SOPs to ensure the patient gets the best possible advice, at the right time.
WHY Improved patient experience and outcomes. Shared decision-making for patients. Improved patient flow by reducing admissions and length of stay. Reduced nosocomial transmission of infections including COVID-19. Florence has some of the highest adherence and patient satisfaction ratings of any remote monitoring tool on the market.
HOW Monitored service with early deterioration recognition and appropriate clinical input. Patient and carer empowerment to self-monitor and escalate. Patient is given a pulse oximeter and told to text “monitor” to Florence. Florence will then provide the following:•Support to use the Pulse Oximeter•Ask for regular readings•If deterioration detected, provide appropriate advice to patient, increase readings and notify clinical teams. •Will provide holistic support and wellbeing messages to improve patient outcomes.

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