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Florence can help speed up discharge, remote monitoring and provide advice to COVID-19 patients

Simply by introducing the Florence Oximetry@home solution, an evidence based best practice pathway to monitor symptoms of COVID-19, provide early detection of any deterioration in the patient’s condition and provide clear advice and reassurance to the patient to signpost them to the most appropriate place to get help.

Clinicians are notified via email if patients start to deteriorate, and you can see your entire case load on a stratified dashboard which highlights the patients who need extra support

How does the pathway work?


Patients who are diagnosed with COVID19 or Symptomatic are provided with a Pulse Oximeter to record their blood oxygen levels


Clinicians can add patients manually to the Florence Oximetry@home web portal, or patients can be advised to simply text “monitoring” to a dedicated phone number which will enrol them onto the service.


Florence sends a text message to patients three times a day

If any reading falls outside of the pre-defined thresholds, or readings begin to deteriorate then the patient is provided with your localised guidance on where to seek more support.

In addition, an email notification is sent to a shared clinical inbox should a follow up call be required. Clinicians can log into the Florence Oximetry@home website at any time and see a stratified overview of the entire case load and drill down into individual patient records if required.

Individual or average readings can be sent into your EPR (EMIS or TPP) with the correct SNOMED code.

Once discharged, messages can be sent to the patient to prompt them to return the pulse oximeter.

Florence Oximetry@Home is already in use across the UK, you can hear more about it in our customers' own words:

Florence “most effective and safest tool to use to ensure good quality of care” for Oxi@Home Service in Nottinghamshire

Jayne Birch-Jones & Emma Moore
Change Management lead & Team Lead

“Florence for COVID-19 has been a significant addition to the existing protocols and has helped reshape care pathways to facilitate care from hospital to home”

Raguraman Padmanabhan
Telehealth Clinical and Service Lead

Florence is now enabling clinical teams at NCA to be able to safely discharge patients home earlier

Northern Care Alliance NHS Group,
COVID Virtual Wards

COVID Capacity Expansion Fund

Funding is currently available through the COVID Capacity Expansion Fund, and we can have you up and running in as little as 5 working days. Contact our team today to find out more or request a demo by below.

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